Running from April 14 – April 21, Baltimore’s one-of-a-kind art festival, Light City has returned in 2018 with new installations bedecking the Inner Harbor and surrounding neighborhoods. The 2018 BGE Light Art Walk, the 1.5-mile immersive centerpiece of the festival, boasts 21 new exhibits as well as numerous performances, concerts, activities, and food and drink stations from local vendors.



It’s impossible to miss the fleet of pedicabs adorned with glowing lanterns pedaling through the streets, part of the Fireflies exhibit by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang. The Herd, a cluster of 400 luminous swim rings, bob gently in the water alongside the Pier 6 Pavilion as a gigantic kinetic octopus moves his illuminated tentacles nearby. There’s Some Thing In The Water as blue lights hint at bioluminescent creatures swimming just below the surface as you pass over the bridge heading toward the National Aquarium.



A walk toward the Constellation brings haunting audio as a glowing whale skeleton dances overhead at the end of the pier. West Shore Park offers some particular favorites such as Prismastica, a stunning display of 25 spinning prisms glowing with rainbow hues surrounding the dancing fountain and the nearby On the Wings of Freedom installation, a display of hundreds of color-changing butterflies.



Many other displays delight as bands and pop up performances add to the vibrant soundtrack of the city. If you have not made it downtown yet to check out this year’s festivities, we highly recommend this singular Baltimore event!