There is little doubt that life has changed over the past month in Baltimore. During this time many people are looking at ways to support businesses they want to ensure have a future once the pandemic has stabilized.

One way to contribute to small businesses around the area is through carryout and pickup food orders. Far more restaurants than ever before have begun offering curbside pickup or local delivery which has offered the opportunity to enjoy so many varied and delicious cuisines while helping the local economy. 

With so many amazing choices in the region, it’s almost hard to know where to get started! To get inspired on where to help, this constantly updated Google Doc lists many of the restaurants in Baltimore City that are currently offering carryout/curbside pickup and/or delivery. Details for restaurants in Baltimore County can be found using this tool.

A number of restaurants have begun offering the sale of dining experiences which can be viewed at Many restaurants and small grocery shops are also offering raw and packaged goods along with a tailored menu including raw ingredients, dairy and eggs, uncooked steaks and even bottled cocktails! In some of the locations, certain purchases go directly towards helping to support staff who may be suffering for lower hours or a furlough. Some restaurants are donating all proceeds from gift cards to their staff (including the Atlas Restaurant Group, Gertrude’s, and Thames Street Oyster house).

Some other restaurants are working to provide meals directly to those in the restaurant industry or for community members in need. Organizations such as Fuel the Fight have spread across the country collecting funds to buy meals from local restaurants to distribute to healthcare workers.

It is a blessing indeed to live in a city with so many wonderful food choices and we hope that through community support these icons of Baltimore can weather the storm.