As many residents can attest, Baltimore is an incredible city.. While bursting at the seams with culture and quirkiness, Baltimore is often underestimated on the national stage or overshadowed by some of its larger neighbors. It is exciting, then, when an esteemed publication such as Travel & Leisure presents such a positive look at Charm City, such as David Amsden’s How Baltimore Quietly Became the Coolest City on the East Coast. Readers can instantly sense Amsden’s genuine love and appreciation of Baltimore and it’s unique qualities. Amsden highlights many of the stylish new additions to the city, such as the sensational Sagamore Pendry hotel on the historic Rec Pier in downtown Fells Point. Boutique restaurants have created a foodie haven due to Baltimore’s Renaissance, growing its appeal to travelers and newcomers as well.


Looking out from the pool at The Pendry


Neighborhoods throughout the city have thoroughly embraced this food-loving rebirth, attracting diners with an ever-evolving array of interesting choices. Addressing these noticeably positive changes, Amsden notes, “…America’s smaller cities are usurping their larger, more expensive counterparts in providing compelling urban experiences. Finding the Baltimore I loved when I was younger wasn’t hard, but now it coexists with a city I never could have imagined, with new restaurants, new cultural arbiters, and a new vitality triggered by millennial transplants.” It is definitely an exciting time to live in Charm City!